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CubaCreativa [PC GAMER]

3D sculptures and NFTs

As part of the project CubaCreativa [2014]


Creativity is the ability of human beings to generate new ideas. It tends to flourish in extreme moments or moments of crisis, although not exclusively. When creativity emerges as a response to emergency or scarcity conditions, it acquires predominance in all areas of cultural, economic, and social organization, as is the case in Cuba. This artistic research project focuses on social creativity, heritage, tradition, popular culture, and the culture of survival. Each presentation of this collaborative and multimedia project varies in both format and media, from the organization of a seminar, an academic publication, or an interactive installation.

CubaCreativa [PC GAMER] focuses on the creativity of global gaming communities. For this project, the artist found images of computer towers that, instead of the traditional boxes or chassis, using reused materials. This project uses NFTs as a medium and platform to present digital sculptures that are, in turn, functional 3D prototypes of these handcrafted PC towers, which, ironically, could be produced on an industrial level.

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In the last eight years, I have developed an artistic and research project in different international contexts called CubaCreativa. This project pays special attention to the actions and social phenomena that constitute innovation practices. It is interested in documenting the processes or procedures with which creative solutions are reached, given that these in themselves can be infinitely repeated, readapted, and enhanced to the socio-cultural characteristics of each context and its economic circumstances. In that sense, more than the resulting physical object, it is the process and the singularity of social thought that is its focus of interest.

CubaCreativa is also interested in showing local practices and phenomena related to the informal economy, alternative networks, and creative individuals or groups that work beyond the artistic field. Taking Cuban reality as a reference, the project explores, documents, and archives the terms and concepts used in each culture to refer to creative practices. In this way, it makes visible how these creative alternatives are the product of a tradition or have emerged from a culture of survival and how art can intervene in these spaces and creative processes.

CubaCreativa has the potential to grow connected to the daily life of the context in which it is developed.  As part of his research, Nestor Siré has formed a photographic and videographic archive in constant development, documenting creative practices worldwide. The artist has given this archive the name iA [Informal Archive]. It is online, in wiki format, and makes social creativity and its global connections visible.

Using the iA [Informal Archive] archives as a basis for study, the artist has found images of computer towers created in gamers’ communities that, instead of traditional metal or plastic structure boxes or chassis, use reused materials such as rubber bands, water knobs, egg cartons, pipes, and plastic crates. These DIY technical adaptations are alternative forms of production in survival cultures; in this case, implemented in the field of technologies within global gaming communities.

CubaCreativa [PC GAMER] uses NFTs as a medium and platform to present digital sculptures that are, in turn, functional 3D prototypes of these handcrafted PC towers, which, ironically, could be produced at an industrial level. Each model was released on different marketplaces in the metaverse. This, considered its “genesis” collection, expands in different digital spaces and adapts to its different characteristics in terms of format and practical presentation processes. To see the collection in its entirety, one must scroll through the multiple digital platforms via Linktr, available on the artist’s social networks. CubaCreativa [PC GAMER] uses the blockchain as a basis for archiving low-tech creative practices and, in turn, documenting the processes of creation, exhibition, and sale of NFTs globally on each platform, with its internal instabilities and access limitations imposed on Cuban artists.

For each work, there has been a digital representation in the metaverse, graphics with an industrial design aesthetic, and a sculpture printed in 3D plastic to scale.

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