Artworks \ Estetizar la Caída

Estetizar la Caída

Video installation [moving painting]

Center for the Development of Visual Arts, Havana, Cuba [2016]


The work focuses on a phenomenon that is part of our daily experience and that is a reflection of social indifference: the indiscriminate spilling of paint on sidewalks and streets. The piece implies a fusion between pictorial and cinematographic languages. In its interstices, the artist finds a comfort zone that allows him to take from both what he needs for his formal conception. The final solution highlights the attractiveness of the splashes, which without the conscious participation of the creator and other individuals who modify the environment in which it is found, becomes an object of interest for art.

The work has two moments of presentation: the installation object itself, which resides in the framed TV, and the documentation of the process of the work in the form of a “making of” because of its relation to the world of cinema. For the artist, both the installation and the recording of the process to arrive at it share an equal level of importance when it comes to representing the work in the gallery space.


Directed by: Nestor Siré
In a co-production by: PROHIBICIONES PRODUCCION, Norwegian Embassy in Cuba and EL CENTRAL Producciones
Assistant director: Yainet Rodríguez Rodríguez
General Production: Pedro Navarro
Production assistance: Giordano Guerra
Cinematography: Kevin Álvarez Córdoba
Editing and Post Production: Carlos A. Gómez Ramírez
Direct Sound: Melisa Fundora
Crane and transport operator: Alexis González Pompa
Still photography: Laura Alejo Moreno
Graphic design: Mauricio Vega
Marquetry: Carlos Texido Otero
Curatorship: Beatriz Junco and Claudia Taboada
Special thanks to: Royce Smith, Carmen Zambrini, Jorge Luis Rodríguez, Liset Estrada, Marco Antonio Cruz and Daniel H. Arévalo

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