Artworks \ PC Gamer [GOMA]

PC Gamer [GOMA]

Video installation and customize hardware

Open Studio 2023/2024, TOKAS Residency, Tokyo. Japan

As part of the CubaCreativa project [2014].

Creativity is the ability of human beings to generate new ideas. It tends to flourish in extreme moments or moments of crisis, although not exclusively. When creativity emerges as a response to emergency or scarcity conditions, it acquires predominance in all areas of cultural, economic, and social organization, as is the case in Cuba. This artistic research project focuses on social creativity, living heritage, tradition, popular culture, and the culture of survival. Each presentation of this collaborative and multimedia project varies in both format and media, from the organization of a seminar, an academic publication, or an interactive installation.

PC Gamer [GOMA] focuses on the creativity of global gaming communities. For this project, the artist found images of computer towers that, instead of the traditional boxes or chassis, using reused materials.

Taking these designs as a starting point, the artist established a collaboration with Tokyo Hacker Space to develop an optimized design using the same materials and maintaining the aesthetics of the object.  This computer used materials and technology from Akihabara (the epicenter of Japan’s second-hand technology stores) and modular designs using the maker philosophy of the hacker space community. All the results of this project were shared using global open-source platforms and the networks of the Hackerspace communities and gamers. 

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Developed with Tokyo Hacker Space

As part of the TOKAS International Residency Program 2024

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