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Punto .de ACCESO is a meeting platform that connects artists, researchers, and managers of digital initiatives in Cuba, in pursuit of building common welfare. Its objective is to generate proposals and actions arising from the partnerships created in the space in dialogue, as well as to promote an inclusive and participatory digital development agenda in the country. 

The progressive arrival of millions of Cuban users to a daily connectivity experience has been a clear challenge for society. For this reason, Punto .de ACCESO seeks to generate knowledge on phenomena related to the digital universe, through open, respectful, and unprejudiced discussion and exchange. Consistent with this educational perspective, it also seeks to raise awareness about attitudes towards technologies and behaviors assumed in social networks, to encourage community and digital citizenship.

Developed with the support of the German Embassy in Cuba.

SEMINAR_01 #pinchandolaburbuja 

During three days of working sessions via Telegram, a group of artists, programmers, researchers, journalists and content producers for social networks make a proxy out of algorithms and bubbles to elucidate a common way of acting on the multiple problems and opportunities associated with the Cuban digital context. As a vortex node of goodwill, knowledge, and ways of doing, the discussion space invites to create solutions and skills to produce a way of living in a network for the welfare of all. 

+fake news +information +digital posts
+feminism +genderequality +cyberharassment +bulling
+softwarelibre +alternativedigitalspaces
+participation +collaboration +digitalliteracy

Access to public information. 
Capacities and competencies of users. 
Self-care in networks and physical space.
Recognizing others, coexisting, and adapting to the network.
Learning to reconnect, participate and transform the microenvironment.
Sustainability, viability, appropriation capacity, and interaction with society.
Agendas and social interactions as routes for public action.
Comicality and collectively appropriable formats as a way of accompanying reality. 
Times of public action and the intensity of interactions.
Networks as an environment to reconnect with physical space through sustainable practices.
Commercial action is not detached from social action.
Starting from the experience of consumption for learning.
The public in networks is a professionalized practice. 
Thinking about access gaps, taking into account race, gender, age, and skills.
Articulate resources and productive and creative capacities.
Connecting with public policies.
A self-learning process in tune with the education of audiences, aimed at creating awareness.
Documenting to reconnect and highlight the proposals of others. 
Daring to create our own identity in industries saturated with foreign products and articulate communities.
Freedom of expression, hate speech, and consensus as competing dimensions of our coexistence.
Literacy, creating solutions and determining in which direction it is oriented, who is part of these processes, who manages it, and who benefits?
Open projects and technologies, creations as an interface, port of connection with others, from its design and its target functionality.

SEMINAR 02 //: Crypto<ISLA> 

Cripto<ISLA> emerges as a section within Punto .de ACCESO focused on the promotion, development, and learning of blockchain technology in Cuba. During three days of presentations and debates through Telegram, an attempt was made to create a decentralized, autonomous, and self-sustainable community that implements blockchain technology on the Island. One of the objectives of this community would be to support the development of projects in NFTs and, particularly, generative art, to the DAO.


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