Exhibition \ La_red-SNET


Curated by Nestor Siré and Claudia Pederson

ShiftSpace, School of Art, Design and Creative Industries, Wichita State University, Kansas. US [2018]

This network is similar to that of the gamers’ online community. However, in the Cuban context, the gamers’ community formed in an offline media ecology. Due to these circumstances, Cuban gamers built their offline mesh network and created complex infrastructures to overcome disconnection barriers. These networks started as an offline wired system, but today are a hybrid mesh network with both wired and wireless components. SNET is nowadays an offline mesh network that operates underground. At a rough estimate, there are 2000 different games in which there are at least 2500 players that log on every day. DOTA 2, World of Warcraft and shooting video games are favorites.


Adrián Olivares [sociologist]
Mauricio Vega [designer]
Anielkis Herrera [software_engineer]
Yainet Rodríguez [researcher]
Evelio Mederos [production]
Dale Small [assistance]
Hugo A. Gogo [assistance]

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