nestor siré

(*1988), Born in Nuevitas, Camagüey. Cuba
Lives and works in Havana

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Nestor Siré

(*1988), Born in Nuevitas, Camagüey. Cuba

Lives and works in Havana



2024 – AMRO24 Biennial community festival, Linz. Austria

2023 – TheWrong Biennale, Unarchive Pavilion, Graz, Austria

2022 – II Biennial of Warsaw, Poland

2018 – 12th Gwangju Biennale, Gwangju, South Korea

2017 – 17th Curitiba Biennale, Curitiba, Brazil

2015 – 1st Asuncion Biennial, Asuncion, Paraguay

2015 – 12th Havana Biennial, Havana, Cuba


SOLO/TWO PERSON SHOWS [selection 2015/23]_

2023 – Hecho en Cuba | Made in Taiwan, La Casa de la Salamandra, Unpack Studio, Havana, Cuba (With Cathy Hsiao)

2023 – Made in Taiwan | 台灣製造, Chinese American Museum of Chicago, US (With Cathy Hsiao)

2023 – MEMORIA, Aksioma- Institute for Contemporary Art, Ljubljana, Slovenia (With Steffen Körn)

2023 – Fragil Connections, OSMO/ZA and Liudmila Art and Science Laboratory, Ljubljana, Slovenia (With Steffen Körn)

2023 – Offline Games, The Voult, in Art Week Mexico City, Mexico

2022 – Connectify/ Free_Wi-Fi [poetry]. O, Miami, US

2021 – Basic Necessities, The Photographers Gallery, London, UK (With Steffen Körn)

2019 – ARCA [archive], Gorria Gallery, Cuba (With Julia Weist)

2018 – Common Good [La_red-SNET], School of Art, Design and Creative Industries. Wichita State University. Kansas, US

2018 – ARCA [archive], Triple Canopy, New York, US (in collaboration with Julia Weist)

2018 – Five essays of Conceptual Photography in Collaboration, Villena Gallery, Plaza de Armas, Havana. Cuba (With Yonlay Cabrera)

2018 – !!!Section A R T E [No. 11 + Rhizome], Rhizome, New Museum, New York, US (With Julia Weist)

2017 – 17. (SEPT) [By WeistSiréPC]™, Queens Museum, New York, US (With Julia Weist)

2017 – Systeme D, l’Institut français and Two Seas, Marseille, France

2016 – Habitat, Fucina des Artistas, Havana, Cuba (With Chuli Herrera and Mauricio Vega)

2015 – Deathmatch DOTA 2, Start Game, Villa Manuela Gallery, Havana, Cuba


COLLECTIVE SHOWS [selection 2015/23]_

2024 – Breathing Particles, TOKAS Creator-in-Residence Exhibition, Tokyo Arts and Space Hongo, Tokyo. Japan

2024 – Open Studio 2023/2024, TOKAS Residency, Tokyo. Japan

2023 – HB, Galería Habana, Havana, Cuba

2023 – Togetherness, TIVA, Hong-gah Museum. Taipei, Taiwan

2023 – Re:Publica x Reeperbahn Festival, STATION Berlin, Germany

2023 – Out of Scale, Transmediale, Akademie der Künste, Berlin, Germany

2022 – InterAktion – Kuba, Schloss Sacrow, Germany

2022 – From the Real Museum to the Imaginary Museum, National Museum of Fine Arts, Havana, Cuba.

2022 – Site de Rencontre avec l’art, Musée d’art de Rouyn-Noranda (MA), Québec, Canada

2022 – REVOLUTION V52, Digitale Zone and Lunique, Marseille, France

2021 – Interregnum: between emergence and contamination, Artis (Digital Platform), New York, US

2021 – Museum of Democracy, nGbK neue Gesellschaft für Bildende Kunst, Berlin, Germany

2021 – Multimedia Encounters, UCL, Multimedia Anthropology Lab, London, UK

2020 – Disobey Orders, Save the Artists, Manifesta 13 (Program), The American Gallery, Marseille, France

2020 – Imperfect Cinema: Respond, Work, Play, Perlman Museum, US

2019 – NEWS, ETC., Moisés Pérez de Albeniz Gallery, Madrid, Spain

2019 – SDR, Empedrado 458, Havana, Cuba

2019 – Greetings from Cuba, Klubovna Gallery, Czech Republic

2019 – Yungas, Malba, Fundación Museo de Arte Latinoamericano, Argentina

2018 – Just in Time (To Play), El Oficio, Havana, Cuba

2018 – Offline Browser, TIVA, Hong Gah Museum, Taipei, Taiwan

2018 – Internet Yami-Ichi at NADA Art Fair, Rhizome, New York, US

2017 – 7th Salon of Contemporary Cuban Art, Center for the Development of Visual Arts, Havana, Cuba

2017 – Experiments in Cinema v12.3, 516 ARTS, Albuquerque, New Mexico, US

2016 – The political potential of the image: video art in Cuba in the 2000s, Museo Universitario Arte Contemporáneo, UNAM. Mexico

2016 – UNTREF Electronic Arts Award, MCI, MUNTREF, Buenos Aires, Argentina

2016 – 62nd Oberhausen International Short Film Festival, Oberhausen, Germany

2016 – Negative Horizon, TIVA, Hong-Gah Museum, Taipei, Taiwan

2016 – The mother of all arts, Wifredo Lam Contemporary Art Center, Havana, Cuba

2015 – ¿Cuál es tu necesidad? Arsenal Studio, Havana, Cuba

2015 – Observatori d’Es Baluard, Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Mallorca, Spain

2015 – 5th Edition of Samples-Mexico, Itinerant, Mexico


GRANTS / AWARDS / RESIDENCIES [selection 2015/23]_

2024-25 – Residency, Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten, Amsterdam. The Netherlands

2024 – Residency, TOKAS, Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, Japan

2023 – Award, Artist-in-residence in the research Project THE SOCIAL LIFE OF CRYPTO, Aarhus University. Funded by the Independet Research Fund, Denmark

2023 – Grants, 3Arts and Andy Warhol Foundation, Ignite Fund Grant, Chicago, USA

2022 – Residency, FountainHeadarts, Miami, US

2021 – Grants, CrossCulture Programme, IFA, Germany

2020 – Residency, The Camargo Core Foundation, Casisis, France

2019 – Award, Guy Pérez Cisneros National Criticism and Curatorship, Havana, Cuba

2018 – Award, Media Arts Assistance Fund Grant, New York Council on the Arts, US

2016 – Award, Visa for Creation, l’Institut Français, Paris, France

2016 – Residency, Dos Mares, Marseille, France



2023 – Where the Wild Things Are, – Clara DeWeese – Fototeca de Cuba, Cuba

2022 – 5 DeadDrops [H4v4n4], – Aram Bartholl – !!!ARTE Section [No. 37], Weekly Package, Cuba

2021 – Disconnected Experiences, Ars Electronica, Garden Cuba, Linz, Austria

2019 – !!!Act [No. 22], !!!ARTE Section in the Weekly Package, Havana, Cuba

2017 – Experiments in Cinema v12.3 (The Cubano Edition), Basement Films, Albuquerque, New Mexico, US


PUBLISHED ARTICLES [selection 2015/23]_

2024 – Handmade Networks, Published by Aksioma, (With Steffen Körn)

2023 – Society for Cultural Anthropology: Cuba’s El Paquete Semanal: The Politics and Poetics of Collaboration in a Pirating Ecosystem, (With Steffen Körn)

2022 – The Book of X: Packaging Across Networks: Tracing Strategies and Curatorial Intelligences of the Cuban Paquete Semanal, (With Gaia Teodone and Nicolas Malevé)

2022 – The Journal of Latin American and Caribbean Anthropology: Swap It on WhatsApp: The Moral Economy of Informal Online Exchange Networks in Contemporary Cuba, (With Steffen Körn)

2022 – American Anthropologist: Fragile connections: Community computer networks, human infrastructures, and the consequences of their breakdown in Havana, (With Steffen Körn)

2022 – American Anthropologist: Screen Walks: Conducting “Research in Motion” in Digital Environments, (With Steffen Körn)

2021 – Weird Economies: !!!Cuban Creativity [Practices of innovation in a context of alegality]

2021 – Unthinking Photography: Messaging grups and the digital black-market in Cuba, (With Steffen Körn)

2020 – Triple Canopy: Proyecto DATA, (With Julia Weist)

2020 – RIALTA: Columna !!!Sección ARTE (Finished in 2021)

2018 – Frieze: Permission to Participate: What it Takes for a Cuban Artist to Exhibit Abroad, (With Julia Weist)

2017 – Artforum: Julia Weist and Nestor Siré discuss their project on El Paquete Semanal, (With Julia Weist)

2017 – Art in America: Packet Switching: Cuba’s Offline Internet, (With Julia Weist)


CONFERENCES AND WORKSHOPS [selection 2015/23]_

2024. Reorganizing the Internet, Workshop at AMRO, University of Arts Linz, Department of Time-based Media. Austria (With Steffen Körn)

. Disconnected worlds, Lecture atTokyo Hacker Space, Tokyo, Japon

2023. Reorganizing the Internet: Reimagining digital culture from a Global South perspective, Workshop at Kunsthal Aarhus, Denmark (With Steffen Körn)

. El Paquete: Offline Media Exchange in Cuba, Networked Practice Seminar at Kunsthochschule für Medien Köln, Germany (With Steffen Körn)

. Breaking the barrier of fear: on the relationship between emotions and justice, Seminar organized by Marianna Liosi at MA Raumstrategien, Weissensee Kunsthochschule, Berlin, Germany

. The Aesthetics of Hunger, Seminar organized by Rachel Price at PLAS, Princeton University, US

. New media and interdisciplinary artistic practices, Academia de Arte Vicentina de la Torre, Camagüey, Cuba

. Island in the Net – How Internet activism is changing Cuban politics and society, organized by Re:Publica x Reeperbahn Festival, STATION Berlin, Germany (With Steffen Körn)

. Localising the Internet, Lecture at OSMO/ZA and Ljudmilalab, organized by Aksioma, Ljubljana, Slovenia (With Steffen Körn)

. Digital Ethnography (for artists), Workshop at Academy of Fine Arts and Design, UL, Video, Animation and New Media, organized by Aksioma, Ljubljana, Slovenia (With Steffen Körn)

2022. Gobernanza de datos: Hacia una Agenda del Común, Javeriana University, Bogotá, Colombia

. CAAP Program´s “Inside Innovative Minds”, SAIC´s School of the Art Institute of Chicago, US

. Computer and Social Sciences Classes, University of Toronto, Canada

. Public Talk at York University’s Glendon Campus, Toronto, Canada

. Working from Home, OCAD University, Toronto, Canada

. Understanding SNET [The human infrastructures behind Cuba’s alternative computer networks], II Biennial Conference in Warsaw, Poland (With Steffen Körn)

. Simon Dennys Student Workshop, KFBK Hamburg, Germany (With Steffen Körn)

. Alternative Digital Practices in the Context of Disconnection, Conference Eye & Mind Laboratory for Visual Anthropology, Moesgaard Museum, Aarhus, Denmark

2021. Punto de Acceso, Seminar #2 CryptoISLA, Forum on blockchain technology in Cuba

. Cables, Waves, Hard Drives and Tattoos or how to trace the post-photographic image across network, Hybrid Online and Offline Workshop, Swiss National Science Foundation and Lucerne School of Art and Design, Switzerland (With Gaia Teodone and Nicolas Malevé)

. +Packaging Across Networks [online, via Telegram channel], Workshop developed as part of the collaborative program Critical Tracing and the Post-Photographic image, Swiss National Science Foundation and Lucerne School of Art and Design, Switzerland (With Gaia Teodone and Nicolas Malevé)

. +Packaging Across Networks [Weekly Package/!!!ARTE Section], Conference at Lucerne School of Art and Design, Switzerland

. OF SNEAKERNETS and Copy Houses: Offline Media Distribution, Symposium TIMES OF HANDS – GAMIFICATION vs PLAY, ADKDW Akademie der Künste der Welt, Colonia, Alemania (With Steffen Körn)

. Entonos digitales offline en Cuba, Etnografía Digital, UNAM, Mexico (With Steffen Körn)

. Punto de Acceso, Seminar #1 pinchadolaburbuja, Forum on Digital Literacy in Cuba

. Now you’re playing with power, Conference at GAIA, Argentina (With Steffen Körn)

. Exploring digital connectivity with the help of desktop cinema, Conference at Multimedia Encounters: Experimental Approaches to Ethnographic Research, London, UK (With Steffen Körn)

2020. VI Rebirth Forum Havana, Workshop Good use of networks, Tercer Paraíso, Cuba

. Screen Walks, Conference at Fotomuseum Winterthur and The Photographer Gallery, London, UK (With Gaia Tedone)

. Tracing archives of consciousness: Six Cuban Artists, Lecture at The Fairfield University Art Museum, Connecticut, USA (With Julia Weist)

2019. Lecture at PLAYLAB, Royal Academy of Fine Arts in The Hague, The Netherlands

. Behind the Net [the Package] _Building a country offline, Workshop at DATA, ArtEZ Academy for Art and Design, The Netherlands

. Contemporary diplomacy and the arts: Forging and sustaining impactful institutional Partnerships between the United States and Cuba, Lecture at ICFAD’s 56th (With Royce Smith)

2018. Offline Media Dissemination, Art Basel, Miami, US (With Julia Weist)

. Lecture at MIT, Open Documentary Lab and Program in Art, Cultural and Technology, Massachusetts, USA (With Julia Weist)

. Lecture at New York University, Digital Communications + Media, Department of Technology, Culture, and Society, La Habana, Cuba

. Lecture at Faculty of Arts and Letters, Art History, University of Havana, Havana, Cuba.

. Art for the offline Internet, Lecture at The New Museum, New York, USA (With Julia Weist)

2017. !!!Informal Media Cultures and Contemporary Art in Cuba, Conference at PLAS, Princeton University, USA