Exhibition \ Moving Things: Videocreation in Cuba

Moving Things: Videocreation in Cuba

Cured by Caridad Blanco, Magaly Espinosa, María de Lourdes Mariño, Yainet Rodríguez and Nestor Siré

Experiments in Cinema v12.3 (The Cubano Edition), Basement Films, Albuquerque, Nuevo México, US [2017]

“Moving Things: Video creation in Cuba”, a program of audiovisual presentations and conferences, was invited to the 12th edition of Experiments in Cinema (Cuban edition), based on the work of a team integrated by visual artist Nestor Siré and curators Magaly Espinosa, María de Lourdes Mariño, Yainet Rodríguez, and Caridad Blanco. The festival featured four thematic programs on video creation in the Cuban context, as well as presentations of a group of research projects focused on the development of the audiovisual field in our country, mostly in contemporary art and not in the cinema. 

This 12th edition, devoted entirely to Cuban audiovisuals, included a bilingual book of essays by the guest curators, as well as by other specialists who have dealt with the subject. The juncture created by EIC was undoubtedly a contribution to the knowledge, understanding, and dissemination of phenomena related to visuality on the island, before a specialized audience and a kind of micro-community where the important thing is the experience of encounter with other ways of creating through the moving image. A character from which its director Bryan Konefsky designs, curates and convenes the event (far from the glamour, the markets, and the jet-set of cinema and art), having only as epicenter the inquiries and essays of audiovisual creation -expanded language-, whose transgressive potential, energy and freedom, it is possible to share in that temporary fold in its headquarters at the Guild cinema. 

– The artist as a cultural reproducer –

Artist: Javier Castro Rivera, Grethell Rasúa Fariñas, Luis Gárciga Romay, Adrián Melis, José Toirac, Jesús Hernández-Güero, Nestor Siré, Duniesky Martín and Sandra Ramos.

– Video creation: animated forms –

Artists: Yunior Acosta, Ángel Alonso, Analía Amaya, Yolyanko W. Argüelles, Jenny Brito, Amilkar Feria, Diana Fonseca, Camila García, Yamil Garrote, Orestes Hernández, Glenda León, Reinier Nande, Yadniel Padrón, Marlon Portales, Yimit Ramírez, Sandra Ramos, Fernando Rodríguez and Lázaro Saavedra.

– Expanding Video –

Artist: Raúl Cordero, Lázaro Saavedra, Glenda León, Liudmila & Nelson, Camila García, Jeanette Chávez, Nestor Siré, Adonis Ferro, Diana Fonseca, Ricardo Miguel Hernández and Yimit Ramírez.

– Barking All Night –

Artist: Adrian Curbelo, Aissa Santisso, Luis Enrique Lopez Chavez, Heidi Hassan, Dashiel Hernandez, Lester Harber, Amilkar Feria, Raydel Araoz, Josue H. Pagliery y Ruben Cruces, Camila Ramirez, Nelson Jalil, Lester Alvarez, Luis Arturo Aguirre, Kevin Avila & Juan Pablo Estrada, Leslie Garcia and Jorge & Larry.

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