Artworks \ ARCA


Multimedia video installation

17. (SEPT) [By WeistSiréPC]™, Queens Museum, New York, US [2017]

– In collaboration whit Julia Weist


ARCA presents an interactive archive of one year of the Paquete Semanal (Weekly Package), being this is the only existing record of this ephemeral phenomenon. This archive was developed in collaboration with OMEGA one of the two major matrices of the Weekly Package, thus for one year 52 weeks of the Package comprising from August 8, 2016, to July 24, 2017, were compiled on a 64 TB storage device. The installation allowed viewers to navigate the archive’s folder structures via a touchpad and two projectors connected to a PC that, using custom playback software, played only 65% of each of the videos, in response to copyright limitations for pirated content circulating in the Weekly Package.

At the same time, the three monitors that are part of the installation show different stages of the artists’ process in pursuit of the development of this project, documenting the inner workings of some of the processes of the Weekly Package. The videos share a tour through the folder structures, document its different sections, information about the circulation processes, history of logos and matrix identities, promotions within the platform, and present a series of original contents and digital micro-phenomena specifically created within and for the Weekly Package.   

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