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Enlace Compartido

6th Contemporary Cuban Art Salon, Havana, Cuba [2014]


Enlace Compartido (Shared Link) is a conceptual work conceived in response to the invitation of the artist’s participate in the 6th Salon of Contemporary Cuban Art (6th SACC). As a guest artist, he shared with other artists the benefits of the 6th SACC: an exhibition, promotion in the media, and visibility in the event’s catalog. The first step was to launch a call for entries and generate online subscription procedures. 

The work sought to dynamize the traditional selection processes undertaken by art institutions. Thus, Enlace Compartido became a parallel but independent event to the Salon, which established a different way of proceeding with the selection process in Cuban art. Any applicant to the call, just by sending his or her proposal, was already part of Enlace Compartido, and participation was materialized in an online exhibition. Likewise, the winning proposal was chosen by the applicants themselves. 

Sharing Siré’s link,” says Pavel Alejandro Barrios Sosa, “is to accept the complicit wink of what “is” in the game of institutionalizing by deinstitutionalizing. It is a media art for the promotion and discussion of art from the insider and co-creator perspective that blurs the boundaries between author and client, between art and legitimization mechanisms. 

PARTICIPATING ARTISTS: Ricardo Salgado, Yonlay Cabrera, Fernando Reyna, Chuli Herrera, Marco Barreiros, Daniel Rodríguez, Suselle Méndez, Javier Sánchez, Yordanis García, Orlando Montalván, Yordani Hernández, Carlos Almeida (Guzmeli), Luois Aguirre, Orlando Pedrera, Dunia Cordero, Adonis Ferro, Lesly Guzmán (Les), Joaquín Chea (jk), IHOs, Yoan Pérez, Bárbara Rodríguez (Baby) and Francisco Pujol (Pp), Carlos Becerra, Jorge Pulido, Yudit Vidal, Israel Moya (MOYA), Movimiento Audiovisual Nuevitero (MAN), Onay Rosquet, Eliecer Jiménez, Liber Drey, Eyder Armas, and Dayron Porrúa, Lilivet Peña, Angélica Marrero, Alejandro Rosales, and Edy Conrado, ROLO, Giordano Guerra, Kokati, Yunier Figueredo, Yanisel Duthil and Beatriz Salazar, Ernesto Colás, Raúl Meriño, Osley Ponce, Israel Rondón, Mauricio Vega and SUPERVIVO.

Production: Yainet Rodríguez and María Lucía Bernal
Software / System and network implementation: Eduardo Rodríguez-Mena

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