Artworks \ MEMORIA


Expanded cinema installation

Aksioma, Program Tactics & Practice #14: Scale, Ljubljana, Slovenia [2023]

– In collaboration with Steffen Köhn

MEMORIA is an immersive four-channel expanded cinema installation with custom software and hardware components. It combines ethnographic research, science fiction, and recombinatory forms of cinema that appropriate found or pirated footage. The work intertwines two narrative planes: the dystopian imagination of William Gibson’s Johnny Mnemonic (1981), one of the earliest cyberpunk short stories, and the real-world Cuban “offline internet”, the physical data distribution network Paquete Semanal. As a collaboration between a media artist, an anthropologist, and a Sci-Fi writer, MEMORIA is based on long-term ethnographic fieldwork on Cuban alternative data distribution networks.

MEMORIA’s narrative is presented on 4 synchronized screens that merge live- action footage with found footage from videos that have circulated in Cuba through the Paquete. These materials are taken from ARCA [archive], an artwork consisting of a 64 TB server that contains the entire content of Paquete Semanal for an entire year, the only large-scale archive of this ephemeral phenomenon.

To represent the memory loss of its protagonist, the work will slowly “die” over the course of the exhibition. For this we have developed Lost.CU, a batch script that runs several programs that continuously manipulate the image quality of the videos. Over time the video devours itself through the constant process of faulty replication.

All hardware is housed in a custom case, a sculptural object in itself that was molded by using FOSS and 3D printed from recycled plastic filaments in collaboration with COPINCHA, a hackerspace in Havana that works with local materials and technologies.

Togetherness, TIVA, Hong-gah Museum. Taipei, Taiwan


Screenplay_ Erick J. Mota

Director of Photography_ Nicole Medvecka

Staring_ Johnny: Dayron Villalón Pereda / Molly: Cris Gómez Gónzalez / Rafa: Felix Roman / Dog: Fana / Sicario: Benito Guerra / Pirate 1: Albany López Suárez / Pirate 2: Rudelys Rodríguez Pérez.

Production_ Nestor Siré

Costumes_ Raki Fernandez 

CGI & VFX_ Alexander Bley

3D artists_ Helman Bejerano Delgado

Editing_ Miguel Coyula, Ginés Olivares

Live Sound_ Claudia Martínez Díaz

Lights_ Studio Los Negrones

Software developer and programming_ Eduardo Pujol

Hardware design_ M0 – COPINCHA

Hardware assembly_ Xsolucion

Dialog Edit_ Malte Audick

Sound Design_ Lorenz Fischer / Malte Audick.

Re-Recording Mix_ Lorenz Fischer

Studio sound_ Raul Perez Rojas

1st AD_ Francesco Innocenti

Music_ Johannes Klingebiel

Prosthesis_ Eric Maza — COPINCHA

Hairstyles and color design_ Salón Donde Dorian: Javier Acosta / Ariel Ángel Rodríguez Santos / Darwins Valenzuela / Camila Pavón Hidalgo / Mileydis Ocaña Fernández / Dorian Carbonell Fernández.

Nail design_ Studio Leydis

Locations_ Restaurante Min Chih Tang / Terminal de Ómnibus Villanueva / Taller SUTEC / Ludi Teatro / Continua Gallery in Havana.

Transportation_ Javier Bisset Avila / Leonardo Orue Martínez

Castin_ Libia Batista Mora

Extras_ Karina Novoa / Nanet Ameneiro Martínez / Leyssy O´Farrill Nicholas / Sergio Ochoa / Marlien Ginarte Álvarez / Geell López / Lau Amaro / Devon Ruiz Avilés / Nelson Enrique Cordoves Leyva / Mel Datway / Osiel Izquierdo Morales / Liuven Dance Datway / Amed de La Paz.

Acknowledgments_ LaTiza Films / Daniel Arévalo / Angel Lam Lee / María Lam Lee / Rafael Vega / Continua Gallery in Havana / Claudia González / Luisa Ausenda / Niurma Pérez / Omar Estrada / Jesús Dulfo Peñalver / Hernán Cordovez González / Roberto Hernández Huete / Yainet Rodríguez / Julia Weist.

– Co-produced by Aksioma, Institute for Contemporary Art [2023] –

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