Artworks \ Paquete de Video, Reconstrucción de ideología

Paquete de Video, Reconstrucción de ideología

Interactive multimedia


It is a set of video works that are the result of more than five years of work. They approach everyday experiences and socio-political issues that are marked by the ideological constructions of the Cuban political system. They intend to unveil behaviors, practices, and thoughts rooted in the Cuban social and cultural imaginary; sometimes they are palpable and at other times they are concealed behind postures of simulation and the hectic pace with which everyday life is assumed.

In his process, rather than searching for an emotion or situation, Siré captured what was happening without prior preparation. The accident understood as the unexpected, is usually a characteristic of this work. However, on occasion, the artist intervened in the situation to modify the perception. The time of realization and the method were not regular, as they were dictated by the demands of each case.  

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