Artworks \ Se vende esta casa

Se vende esta casa

Public intervention and installation

Habitat, Fucina des Artistas, Havana, Cuba [2016]


With the implementation of the law authorizing the sale and purchase of homes in Cuba by individuals or residents in the country, the cityscape of Camagüey and Havana is dominated by handmade posters advertising the sale or exchange of houses. Faced with the unstoppable frenzy of the practice, the artist wonders: why are they being sold? Where will their dwellers settle down? 

The public intervention consisted of exchanging the handmade signs, made with what they had at hand, for plastic signs. During the change and assembly of the signs, the individuals in question were questioned about the intentions of the sale and where the family would be moving to. The video documentation records the magnitude of the phenomenon and the motivations for moving from one place to another.

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