Exhibition \ SDR


Curated by Nestor Siré, Adonis Ferro and Yonlay Cabrera

Empedrado 458, XIII Bienal de La Habana Parallel program, Havana, Cuba [2019]


We could not be more different each other… at first glance. The topics and problematics that we are interested in, the morphology of our oeuvre and our individual languages are completely distinct. The keyword that join us is «process». Our artworks start from an initial impulse that becomes an unalterable construction (essence in Adonis, hard core in Nestor, functional kernel in Yonlay), that is progressively getting layers of descriptive complexity.

Nestor dissects the social phenomena in order to structure its mechanisms of functionality, dimension and contextual incidence. Adonis analyses the craft process, the spectacle logic and the social rituals, and destructure them in a completely unpredictable version. Yonlay makes a dialog since the technology and the multidisciplinary collaboration with different systems of knowledge management, and restructure its constitutive parts following new orders.

In this show, we present ourselves with the sequence of procedures that complement us: structuring, destructuring and restructuring. However, we do not renounce to the demarcation of our respective individual personalities. The creative freedom has always been the driving force of our artistic pro- duction starting from our own academic formation, which is important to say, has mainly been through the very exercise of art.

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