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– In collaboration whit Chuli Herrera


The play focuses on the moments of opening and closing of private businesses after 1959. Its trigger is the story of a small store in the city of Camagüey, Cuba. The artists intervened the space, which is located in the most central avenue of this city, one of the most important in the center of the country. It was a store and workshop for suitcases and shoes, although they also sold household goods, some toys, coffee and the daily press. With the advent of the law of nationalization of small private enterprise, one of the first measures of the political and economic project of the Revolution, its owner decided to close it and leave it as it was, waiting for a measure that would reverse the law and allow him to reopen it. The store has been encapsulated in time ever since.

There are its shelves, raw materials for making suitcases and the products that were for sale, even the newspapers of the day. Dust covers every surface. Its owner died in 2008, five years before private businesses were authorized again in Cuba. He still hoped to reopen his store.

El Camagüeyano [Newspaper]
Thursday, January 7, 1959
Hábitat, Fucina des Artistas, Havana, Cuba [2016]

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